Photo credit - Rob Campbell

Oh hello.

I despise talking about myself in third person.

I grew up with music in the air and phone call doodles. Immediate and extended family all seemed to have their creative ways of output so it was no surprise that I found my expression in the tactile joys of painting.
In all honesty, I haven't been to school for art, in fact I have had little instruction. It has been, and is, something I purely enjoy. A language of which I have found a dialect that feels good to me.  Only in the past five years or so have I found a real groove with it and like every other pure thing in my life, I just want to be able to do more of it, explore it, dissect and reconstruct it.

My goal is mainly selfish.
I want to play, for I am forever curious.
This act of creating that begun as a means of release has evolved into a desire to express my obsession with the dream state. My skepticism of what is deemed reality. My blueberry eyed wonder of the infinite.
But by putting my creations out to the world, I am hoping to also inspire a little bit of intrigue. Maybe cause a little inspiration, a few abstract thoughts, but also bring a calm to the chaos. As much as the unknown terrifies me, it also brings me peace. I try to bring that into every medium I dabble with and dive into, with a bit of hope that someone, somewhere, is able to genuinely find some wonder through it.

I also get a huge amount of creative juice from collaboration so if you'd like to make something with me, please don't hesitate to let me know.