Filtered Expressions - Curious Questions Part 1 - Duppy Doctor

This whole thing starts off with a friend of mine whom I've only recently had the pleasure of getting to know. My very first introduction to him was by his website that boasts pictures of the forest lined Oceanside, quite telling of the environment he obviously loves.
There is something mystical about Donovan Rose, and it seems as though he likes to keep it that way.
He has a subtly playful nature, a well dressed rebel in love with the wilderness.
I was surprised to see quite a classic style to his work, and yet (especially in person) his paintings carry a freshness to them. He takes advantage of how juicy and vibrant the oil medium can be, each shape holding its own spectrum with pride.
All this wrapped up with the bow of his words, laid out with comfortable grace, inspiring in their simplicity, he captures these glimmering moments with what seems like such ease. Some utterly romantic, some plain observances of the world around him.

Here are some words from him, enjoy.

1. Who (or what) is Duppy Doctor
Duppy Doctor is the unfortunate title of my married online personas, one who seeks healing and one who hopes to provide medication through written and painted images.

2. Do you or have you ever written letters to people?
Yes, many letters, I just received a letter about birds. I am working on a reply that I hope to return within the next month.

3. What is your spirit animal?
Probably an animal cracker

4. If you had to create in only one other medium than oil, what would it be?

5. How much of your work is premeditated and how much is process driven?
I think premeditation is the driving process.

6. What is Art to you at this point in your life? (and has your definition evolved over time?)
Maybe Art is a mindset, based on observation, I don't think that you even need to create anything, just watching can be an artistic activity. The art of the invisible creation. some of us just have the need or desire to share in one way or another so we physically create images and experiences. I hope for constant evolution in definition and practice and understanding.


7. When and why did you start selling your work?
I made my first sale in high school to my sister and her husband, i think it was their idea, then I lived in Vancouver for a while and I was trading art for bottles of wine and bits of cash here and there which evolved into selling more out of necessity to support my living habit. I'm still into trading art for wine if its a nice looking bottle.

8. Who is your favorite poet?
I don't read much poetry, I get a lot of text messages that are great poems in their own way... My brother is a surrealist romantic, he's my favorite poet.

9. Describe your dreams. (Like, when you fall asleep, not your future dreams)
Very active, sometimes lucid and surprising. I dream about buildings a lot.

10. Describe the last day that comes to mind where you were really happy.
Any day that starts without alarm clocks.


Bonus Question, who are you listening to/really enjoying right now?

I listen to Blue Moon Marquee as much as possible, preferably live.

The image below is, by request, something of beauty that he witnessed around the day he so graciously answered my curiosities.


(Pictured above are his two lady crushes, Barclay and Benga)

Many thanks to Donny who let me poke at his brain. You're a delightfully interesting dude.

Check out his website here and send some good heart waves his way.

Till next time.