Filtered Expressions - Imperfection

I adore the imperfect hand. The scratchy line. The wobble of a voice. The vulnerability of the human spirit. 

There are few things that draw my eye more in an unexpecting moment than something slightly askew.  

It shows humanity, the beauty of effort, the day to day, little moments of life. Nature is only perfect because she is unapologetic of her perceived flaws.  

We like to give ouself the excuse of "it won't be good enough" to hold ourselves back. But diversity is what pushes our spirit beyond the mundane. Without imperfection, we would amount to nothing of greatness. Without the courage to embrace our curves and crosses, our scribbles and blotches, we are but cogs in the machine. 


Be brave.  

Make art.  

Spread love.  



Blood Collaboration

Guess who popped by for a quickie visit?
My little Red Panda sister!

Whenever we can afford some time together, it usually revolves in some way around creating. We try for bigger pieces but can't always swing it, in the meantime, sketches and doodles are a good fallback.

I have so much respect for her style and form. She takes images that I've seen in my dream and subconscious many many times before and lays them out in reality in a way I could never imagine. She seems to have a clarity about her work, a spontanious freedom. Though I know she puts thought into everything she does, it looks effortless, especially when you are lucky enough to see her at work. She dives into whatever she's creating. Balls out, feeling every bit of it in the most natural way.
I've taken a lot of inspiration from her, she has subtly stretched my artistic boundaries in more ways than she knows.

This is obviously not the most telling example of our work but it's still sprinkled with our little bits of shared personality.

Love you Nom.