Coming Soon: Filtered Expressions - A Series Of Curious Questions

Most people that have a deeper relationship with me, know that I am a fiercely curious individual. (sometimes to a fault) I have built the majority of my intimate friendships with people on the basis of asking questions, some random, some off beat, some deeply personal, all coming from a genuine desire for understanding. For my own mental processing, I try and use the information to find connection and contrast. I tend to learn from being perplexed by the diversities that I am lucky enough to experience.

But I'm also bewildered by the fact that there is no way to consciously perceive exactly what another human is experiencing while maintaining one's own mental state is frustratingly exciting to me. The only way that I am capable of achieving any understanding of it is by asking as many (and as potent of) questions as possible, so that I am able to dissect their filtered expression.

Those two words. Filtered expression, the digestion of information then flooded back out through the pathways of our senses in order to expel what we have processed. That is Art.

Now to the point.

In my love of picking peoples brains, I have come up with the idea to interview Artists that I come across. This is an evolving project. Something I plan on tweaking and morphing while maintaining the vein of curiosity. For now, I am focusing on Visual Artists that I have in some way had some sort of contact or relationship with. If I see them at a gallery, cafe or am told about them through a friend, they very well may be on the list. For now I've chosen them based on the interest that I have in their work. (If I find it odd or pleasing, ect.)
But who knows what this will grow into. Maybe nothing. But maybe it will be a lovely thread to stitch together a community of people, making the creative mind a more tangible and understandable thing.

So, here goes.


Look for the first Filtered Expression post in the next few days!
And if you have anyone you'd like to recommend, let me know! Tell me of your relationship with them and why you think they'd be a curious fit!